We value each transport partner and do our best to provide the best possible conditions for collaboration. Carriers are the basic link in shipments, and we are fully aware of this. Therefore, we place great emphasis on their selection.

Why to become our partner?

  • We are a solid company with over 26 years of history
  • We offer 100% payment discipline
  • Express payments possible if the required documentation is submitted
  • Work offer for export and import
  • Assistance in solving your problems
  • Scope for long-term collaboration

Our requirements:

  • 100% communication by the carrier
  • High-quality vehicle fleet
  • Experience with transports to the destinations covered by MJ SPED
  • Valid CMR insurance and licence
  • Vehicles equipped with GPS monitoring are welcome
  • We prefer vehicles that comply with the highest emission standards

I want to register and drive for MJ SPED


We have no unified payment conditions and we execute payments in 30 to 60 days after the submission of the necessary documents. We also provide early “Skonto” payments within 7 days for a fee of 3% or within 3 days for a fee of 5%. The guarantee is our reputation, history and references by the carriers, which we provide on request.

There is a very high demand for the carrier’s communication and provision of exact information about the status of the consignment entrusted to him – at what point it is within the process or where exactly it is and when it will be delivered. It is equally important to operate with capacities in a technical condition that guarantees the smooth delivery of the consignments.

The lines our company uses most heavily are shipments to and from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. We also carry a lot of goods to and from Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey. Historically, however, we transported to the largest extent to the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. We are interested in partners for less than truckload and full truckload transports on these lines.

Do you want to verify cooperation with MJ SPED?

Write to us to referencie@mjsped.sk and we’ll send you our references by carriers.