Full truckload and less than truckload shipments to / from Armenia are a standard element in shipments carried out by MJ SPED

We offer complex care to our clients in freight transport to Armenia and from Armenia, including:

  • constantly available transport capacities – be it export or import
  • full truckload shipments by all types of capacities (from vans up to trailer combinations)
  • oversize load transport and temperature-controlled shipments
  • less than truckload shipments to optimize the client’s costs
  • express delivery of consignments
  • reporting – monitoring the consignments and regularly informing the client about the movement of the consignment
  • English-speaker shipment manager
  • customs declaration services on the client’s request
  • know-how achieved over the years
  • additional consignment insurance at excellent rates
  • handling and temporary storage of consignments according to the client’s needs

Price calculation

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Does MJ SPED carry full truckload consignments in both directions from Armenia and to Armenia?

Yes, MJ SPED operates available capacities for the two-way transport of consignments on each line where it provides its services. Feel free to contact us and test the quality of our services today.

How to order a shipment to Armenia or from Armenia?

After contacting MJ SPED and supplying the necessary input details, the client receives a price calculation for the transport of the given consignment (whether for the shipment of the consignment separately or in a consolidated way – whether in import or in export) and, after the subsequent acceptance of the offer, the transport planning process can start.

The transport will be carried out subsequently and the client will be informed about the movement of the consignment daily.

Info: Email Reporting about the movement of the consignment is a service highly appreciated by the clients of MJ SPED. Information about the readiness of the vehicle for loading and about its subsequent movement, about the expected time of its transit or about the delivery itself in Armenia enables our clients to plan their further operations and feel safe and secure about their consignment.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of less than truckload shipments to/from Armenia?

Less than truckload shipments via a pick-up line or by additional fill-up to Armenia or from Armenia is a standard service we provide to our clients. The biggest advantage is, of course, saving costs for the client who does not have to pay for the full capacity but only for the part he uses. In general, this service is suitable for clients who do not need to deliver their consignments JIT or expressly.

On the other hand, a disadvantage of this type of consignment shipment is a somewhat longer delivery time, which depends on the itinerary of the pick-up vehicle, and the inability to plan the delivery of the consignment for an exact time.

How to best optimize the transport costs of less than truckload shipments to Armenia and from Armenia?

When calculating the transport costs, we take into account several inputs that influence the pricing, although not all can be influenced. Within Armenia, we cannot influence the distance, the seasonality, the input costs, or the specificities of transportation. Therefore, the best is to concentrate on packaging the consignment taking into account the highest possible optimization of the transport dimensions – since, besides the weight of the consignment, its volume is another factor that plays a role in the price calculation of its shipping. Also, it is recommended to plan the shipment of the consignment well in advance so that there is enough time to find the best solution at an optimal price. Feel free to contact us, for example at cenovaponuka@mjsped.sk, and we will be happy to supply the required know-how and the solution to you.

Didn’t find the answer to your questions?

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